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Where's my book? Tom bought a really expensive, well-made pair of shoes. Tom doesn't like cheese. Do you like your co-workers? Yeah, I can't believe you hadn't heard about it. They were talking about it on CNN all day. Are you sure? Why do you want to leave your present job. My parents are old. He was disappointed. I'm afraid that you have to work overtime.
Hltv: - This book seems easy to me.
- Don't rush me.
- I get up at 7:00.
- Just looking at some books on how to learn English.
- Those houses are big.
- Does it snow a lot in the winter?
- She went to the museum by taxi.
- Mary takes Bill's kindness for granted.
- Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.
- OK. When?
Do you want to be rich? There is no doubt. I saw him. Have a little of this cake. Two seats were vacant. I want something to read. There's a big hole in your sock. Tom went back to his hometown. The way I see it... When are you going to vacate the house?

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