Name: Mi Lucha
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Date added: April 4, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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I'm a hundred percent certain that... How do I open the hood? That fact can't be denied. It's right next to it, on the right. Fit as a fiddle. An old man was resting in the shade of the tree. Why is the train delayed? That is the bus stop. Could you call again later please? I hope that what you are eating is healthy.
Mi Lucha: - Why won't my dog eat dog food?
- I had to wait ages for a bus.
- I've never met her.
- Please refer to page ten.
- Since my mother was sick, I couldn't go there.
- Do you really believe in ghosts?
- And you?
- All you have to do is push this red button.
- He began to learn English.
- He kept silent all day.
He doesn't like to wait until the last moment to do something. Sorry to bother you. No. I didn't hear that. Are you sure? I don't think it will rain this afternoon. I like studying English, and I can read well, but speaking can be difficult. The castle is now in ruins. Business is good. Do you mean what you say? What are you going to do now? Tom lost his job.

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