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My father swims very well. About 50 dollars. Is there any butter in the refrigerator? Winter is my favorite season. Do you want to go to the movies? He is about forty. The storm didn't cause any damage. He made a promise to take me to the movies. You must respect senior citizens. I didn't ask you to go there.
Traci Lords Dowland: - Tom can ski as well as his brother.
- We felt relieved when we saw a light in the distance.
- I want to learn how to swim.
- Windy this morning, isn't it?
- What did you do with my book?
- I attended his funeral.
- I don't feel much like talking right now.
- Everywhere you look you can see children playing.
- Although it rained, everyone had a good time.
- I'd like to read some books about the Beatles.
Make yourselves comfortable. Have you ever been to Canada? She did nothing but cry all day. You don't have to hurry. I held on to the rope tightly so I wouldn't fall. She pushed him off the pier. He's rich, but he's not happy. I heard you're going to graduate this summer. Is that true? Playing cards is fun. I'm studying English, math, and history. My major is English.

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