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Maria has long hair. His room is very small. I wanted some salt, but there was none in the jar. Colds are contagious. This fruit doesn't taste good. My friend is very reliable. Didn't you tell me yesterday that you wouldn't be late today? She has some beautiful antique furniture. Ours is a large joint family. This is what I found in the cave.
Challo Driver Cast: - I'd like to reserve a seat.
- Please call him.
- I'm not sure yet.
- I can hear someone talking in the next room.
- He's mumbling something.
- Do you have any one dollar bills?
- Do you have any coffee?
- Could anyone tell me...?
- When did he come?
- We purchased a new house for eighty thousand dollars.
I can understand why you don't want to eat there. Tom slipped out of the classroom. English food leaves me cold. Will you go, too? He was tired, but he kept working. I promise you I won't do anything to harm you. Excuse me. He will be here in half an hour. It's a quarter to 7. Nancy Anderson.

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